Death Grips- No Love Deep Web

NOTE: Hello world! So sorry for the long hiatus. Things have been nuts adjusting here in Shanghai, but that shouldn’t stop me from reviewing hot new music. Let’s get to it!! ____________________________________  … Continue reading

Black Pus- Pus Mortem

“Loud loud everywhere and not a drop to hear.” That was my initial impression of noise music when I first listened to it about 12 years ago. How could people enjoy this chaos,… Continue reading

Opossom- Electric Hawaii

  Opossom’s debut album Electric Hawaii is a no bullshit indie pop record. While others are coming up with these grand concepts of foreign film inspirations, African folktales, and the pains of being… Continue reading

Debo Band- Debo Band

This might be an extreme generalization, but kids these days seem to have a problem with music being too repetitive. With dubstep and electronic music dominating the landscape of not just the indie… Continue reading

Flatbush Zombies- D.R.U.G.S. Mixtape

In 2012, it’s finally safe to say that rappers are allowed to be weirdos. Whether the mainstream likes it or not, the geeks have inherited the world of hip-hop. Case and point: Flatbush… Continue reading

Nas-Life is Good

Remember the 90’s when Nas was at his proverbial peak? Illmatic, Nastradamus, I am…, remember listening to these classics? I sure don’t remember! While Nas was making a splash in hip-hop with these… Continue reading

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat- Jazz Mind

Do you ever get sick of bands adding members to their lineups in order to create a bigger sound, only to come up short sonically? This has become one of my biggest musical… Continue reading


  It’s safe to say the line between hip-hop production and electronic music has officially vanished. With artists like Tyler, The Creator sighting James Pants as his main influence, Kanye West sampling Aphex… Continue reading